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Does my hair needs to be dry before applying this hair oil?

Yes, Always use hair oil on dry hair, let the oil remain for at least one hour for good results and then wash.

What is the shelf life of your product?

Since we didn’t add any harsh chemicals to our oil, it has only two year shelf life.

Any storage tips?

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Does this oil reduce hair fall and dandruff?

Yes of course, Many people with hair fall and dandruff have benefited with this oil.

Is it suitable for both women and men?

Yes, For women and men, also for all hair types

Can it be used for children?

This oil is not for children.

Does this oil contain any artificial colour or artificial fragrance?

No, the color and fragrance of this Oil comes from its 100% natural pure and effective ingredients.

For which type of hair problems is Dr.Tijo's hair oil recommended?

This is an All IN ONE hair oil, that covers almost all problems related to the scalp and hair, like Hair fall, dandruff, split ends, scalp infections, itching of scalp, lice, it promotes hair growth, induce good sleep, it’s a natural conditioner, for hair thinning, strengthens hair etc

Does this oil contain mineral oil and paraben?

No, this oil does not contain any mineral oil, paraben, sulfate. It is a non-sticky formulation

How can one reduce hair fall and dandruff?

This combination is developed by Dr. TIJO after his 10 years research and clinical studies. This is a great formula for hair fall and dandruff. Use this oil daily for at least one month or until your hair problems reduce. Then use this oil thrice a week. By regular use your hair and scalp becomes more healthy.

Does this oil reverse premature graying?

No,But this oil contain many ingredients which are known to be very beneficial for premature graying. So using this oil regularly may help to get a control over your premature graying .

Does this shampoo contain any artificial colour?

NO. This shampoo doesn’t contain any artificial colour

What are the main specialties of this Shampoo?

This Shampoo contain Plant Keratin, Jaborandi, Ginger Oil, Tea Tree Oil together For the first time. It is Shampoo with Conditioner. It is Anti Dandruff and Anti Hair
Also. It doesn’t contain any paraben , phthalate, harmful chemicals and Artificial colour. Our Shampoo with conditioner keep the hair silky,smooth,manageable and healthy

Is it a pH balanced Shampoo?

Yes. It is a pH balanced Shampoo.

What are the highlights of Dr.Tijo’s Hair Therapy Package ?

Live Doctor Consultation,Special Scalp Oil ( 2 Bottle), Scalp & Hair Care Shampoo with Conditioner,

45 day Medicines for complete cure,Option to select your convenient day and time for consultation.

Free Shipping and Prime Customer  support 

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